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Bull Bullion S4 Server

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By leveraging its unique know-how in mission-critical, highly performant servers design, Bull brings to the market a complete range of x86 servers, bullion™. bullion reaches the highest level of quality of service, performance, availability and scalability, with one goal in mind, be the best answer to meet the 3 big challenges an IT Department is facing: Data Center optimization, Big Data, IT modernization.

Optimize your Data Center

Data Centers have to accompany the rising of Cloud, Big Data and mobility, whilst guaranteeing the right levels of service. bullion is the right answer to consolidate, rationalize and virtualize Data Centers: efficiency generator, designed for the private cloud, targeting next generation Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), bullion dramatically enhances users’ financial equation, providing more performance and agility.

Modernize your IT

Ensuring the right evolution of application environment is a key success factor for any IT modernization project. It has to be based on highly reliable and performant, open and scalable platforms or servers. With bullion, you have it. New usage trends of the digital world are now at your reach: Cloud, BYOD, mobility, Big Data. Along with bullion, Bull proposes Liber, its unique methodology to industrialize migration of legacy applications.

Make sense of your data

Big Data is now in everyone’s mind. How shall I properly manage the never ending growth of data volume, velocity, variety, and transform them into an asset for my organization? With its unique memory capacity, bullion, the ideal platform for Big Data, provides unmatched features to analyze data in real-time: you are ready for the In-Memory journey.

A powerful and modular range

The bullion server range consists of 4 complementary models, sharing the same innovative technology, embarking from 2 to 16 Intel® Xeon® E7 v2 processors, with a maximum memory capacity of 24 TB, unmatched on the market. Depending on the needs, the users simply add 3U computing modules, connected via the Connecting Box, developed by Bull engineers to get rid of cabling. For more agility in configuring, bullion servers propose innovative design with hot plug memory and I/O blades.

Bullion S4 in brief

The bullion S4 server, with up to two 3U modules, perfectly fits in with the range dynamics – best in class reliability & availability features, thanks to its capacity of up to 4 processors and 6 TB of memory. It provides up to 60 cores and 120 threads to host VM clusters, critical database or In- Memory applications.

Dedicated Bull services

Coming with the bullion range, Bull proposes a full range of added value services, such as Service Assurance, to optimize operations, and Liber, to modernize the application environment. Our best experts provide specific offers, including power audits or architecture consulting. Bull’s briefing Centers are open to share field experience on real case studies with dedicated workshops and hands-on sessions.


Optimize your Data Center

Your Organization Is Turning Extensively To Digital And The Data Center Is The Cornerstone Of This Change. Is It Ready For The Challenge?

Service Quality.The more the business relies on digital, the more the business expects, because their effectiveness depends directly on your service levels. And your data center is in the front line when it comes to meeting your SLAs. Your priority? To optimize so it keeps pace with business objectives: availability, performance, flexibility, cost reduction.

Optimization. Consolidation, rationalization and, above all, virtualization are the means to ensure this all-round optimization. A process that includes every aspect of operation, from energy management to system supervision and maintenance. The Cloud, Big Data, mobility will make unprecedented demands on your infrastructure. So be prepared.

The Bullion Solution

Designed For Private Cloud

The world’s fastest x86 enterprise server, bullion was born for virtualization and private Cloud. With its dynamic reconfiguration capabilities, it combines exceptional performance with unparalleled agility.

Generating Efficiencies

Simplified connectivity, hot-swappable components, integrated diagnostic and monitoring tools, intelligent cooling: bullion generates efficiencies at every level of production.

Towards Tomorrow’s Data Center

By limiting the number of objects to manage, simplify their use, and delivering efficiencies and savings, bullion is the cornerstone of future Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs).

Modernize your information systems

To Develop And Deploy New Applications, Your I.t. Has To Be Agile. Are Your Infrastructure Really Compatible With Innovation?

Constraints. They may be reliable and efficient, but older applications are a double barrier to innovation: technically, because they lack scalability; and financially, because they’re more expensive to run. Your goal? To find more room for manoeuvre, without abandoning your investments.

Openness. Migrating legacy applications securely to open but robust platforms is becoming a major challenge. By modernizing your legacy applications, you create the conditions for openness and agility you need to accommodate the new practices and technologies of the digital enterprise: the Cloud, mobility, BYOD, Big Data...

The Bullion Solution

Reliability And Performance

bullion feeds on Bull’s extensive experience in mainframes and the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

Scalability And Cost Savings

Easily reconfigurable from 2 to 16 processors, with 48 GB to 24 TB of memory, bullion offers unrivalled scalability. Its density, ease of operation and energy performance all help to slash licensing, maintenance and energy costs.

Modernization And Openness

Around bullion, Bull offers a range of services to support information systems modernization, including Liber, its unique approach to industrial-scale migration of legacy applications.

Make sense of your data

Opening Up Unprecedented New Options For Data Analysis, Big Data Is Turning The Relationship Between The Organization And Its Information Upside Down. So Many New Challenges For Your Infrastructure To Deal With!

Opportunity.The data explosion is a fantastic opportunity for enterprises that know how to transform it into useful information. Your challenge? To effectively gather, organize and process that data, so you can understand it better and act faster.

Speed. Massive amounts of data, heterogeneity, more complex queries… your Business Intelligence systems are under pressure. For Big Data, the speed is becoming the fundamental underlying challenge. The ability to collect and manage data flows in real time, and speed up processing, is all about forgetting the ‘big’ so you can focus on what really matters: the data.

The Bullion Solution

The Real-time Age

Benefiting from Bull’s experience in High-Performance Computing, bullion not only delivers computing performance, but also high-speed I/O, so it can respond reliably to the extreme requirements of real-time flows.

Ready For In-memory

The world’s fastest x86 server, bullion has exceptional memory capacity. Offering up to 24TB, it is the ideal platform for In-Memory Analytics, which significantly boosts the performance of BI systems. Bull has established many partnerships with ISVs to optimize theirs solutions on the bullion platform.

Technical Specifications:

Technical specifications
Form Factor 19” 6U
Number  From 2 to 4 sockets, max 60 cores and 120 threads
Type  Intel® Xeon® E7 v2 Family Supports 6, ,8, 10, 12 or 15 cores
L3 Cache Up to 37.5MB shared cache
Chipset Intel® C602J Chipset
Quick Path Interconnect Max 8GT/s
Scalability  From 2 to 4 sockets, via BCS2 (Bull Coherence Switch 2)
Hardware Partitioning Yes
Memory Blades
Min/max Min: 48GB, max configuration: 6TB
Memory blades capacity 48GB, 96GB, 192GB, 384GB
Memory blade Up to16 blades, 6 slots/blade
Memory availability Hot plug memory blades
BUS PCIe Gen3 x8
I/O blades Up to14, hot swap
I/O availability Hot plug blades
I/O Blade Types
NIC I/O blade 1GbE: 2 or 4 ports per I/O blade
10GbE: 2 ports per I/O blade
HBA I/O blade 8Gb/s: 2 ports per I/O blade
16Gb/s: 2 ports per I/O blade
Flash I/O blade SSD Flash 1TB
SAS I/O blade 6Gb/s: 2 ext. ports per I/O blade
Drive bays Up to 4x HDDs, hot plug
Hard drives 300GB, 600GB 2.5" SAS 10Krpm,
146GB, 300GB 2.5" SAS 15Krpm
400GB, 800GB 2.5" SSD SAS
Storage Controller (Optional) I/O blade with RAID 0/1 (12Gb/s)
SAN EMC, NetApp, Bull Optima
Embedded I/O Ports
NIC Up to 4x 1Gb Ethernet ports
Management port  Up to 2x Ethernet port for System Management
PS/2port (mouse, keyboard) USB or iBMC
USB ports 8 max
Video Controller Via iBMC
Memory 8 MB


PDF File
Download the Bull Bullion Server Brochure (PDF).

PDF File
Download the Bull Bullion S4 Server Brochure (PDF).

Bull Products
Bull Bullion Server
Bull Bullion S4 Server Contact us for pricing! Get a Quote!